Phase I

Programming + Conceptual Design

Programming and Conceptual Design. Here we will listen carefully to your ideas and preferences. We conduct a thorough review of your building site and prepare floor plans and elevations, sufficiently detailed to convey the size, layout and character of your home or work facility. We will provide and coordinate all assistance necessary to submit your design to any type of Review Board or Governing Agency required.

Phase II

Preliminary Budgeting + Design Development 

Preliminary Budgeting, Design Development Documents. Throughout this phase we will attempt to design a structure that fits within your budget by providing you with an independent cost analysis. Once your conceptual design and budgetary analysis meet your approval, we then take your “Conceptual Sketches” and further develop them onto our cad program.

Phase III

Construction Documentation

Construction Documentation. This is the phase whereby we concentrate on the “details” or “components” of both the buildings’ interior and the exterior. We coordinate all of our drawings with the Structural Engineer as well as with the Landscape Architect. Throughout this phase you will also be guided through our “Selections Process” where we focus on the finishes such as plumbing fixtures, appliances, flooring, furnishings etc. Your final selections will be coordinated onto the schedule sheets of our drawings, including our specifications.

Bidding and Negotiating. Here we provide assistance to the builder(s) that will be bidding or pricing our documents for construction.

Phase IV

Bidding + Negotiation

Construction Observation. This phase is the longest as it will continue through the duration of construction. The construction of a home can typically vary from 10 to 18 months. Some of the services we provide during this phase are site visitations, project field reports, review and certification of draw requests, builder / client technical support, building trade coordination, and various on site client meetings.

Phase V

Construction Observation