The Power of Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture isn't just a fad - it's a beautiful way to help save the planet a little bit at a time.


What is sustainable architecture? It means building or adding to a building in a way that reduces any kind of harmful impacts on the environment. It is a powerful and beautiful movement and an incredible mix of artistry and fight to possibly save the planet. These techniques are being used all over the world and some have even become code or regulation on how to build particular buildings or what materials are used while building.

Key components of Sustainable Architecture are:

  1. Sustainable energy that you get from solar panels, wind turbines, etc.

  2. Sustainable building materials like organic compounds and recycled materials.

  3. Environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of waste.

The main goals of this type of architecture are to minimize the use of water, optimize energy efficiency, lower waste creation, and protecting the natural world around any building to give both the inhabitant of these buildings and the planet a better life.

Not only has this movement come out of the scary fact that global warming is a real and scary thing but a lot of these practices are ways to save huge amounts of money. The fact is, cities are getting bigger and bigger and drowning in poisonous emissions and pollutants. Sustainable Architecture can help fix these issues. We also spend a ton of time indoors. Bringing some of the positive elements of the outside world inside can really help our bodies and minds too.

Here are some exciting and wonderful examples of Sustainable Architecture that are found all over the world.

1.A Change in the Roof

There are more uses for your roof than you would ever imagine. One exciting example of using your roof is giving it a whole new purpose and making it home to a very interesting host of living creatures. Turning the roof of your building into a green space covered in grasses, trees, and other plants is not only a beautiful thing to look at and a good place to spend your lunch break. It acts as another home for important creatures helping the planet's ecosystem thrive. These creatures range from birds, bees, and a wide range of insects. Their homes are being destroyed every day, giving it back to them can keep our planet thriving!

2.Not just Collecting - but Cleaning!

It is becoming common to see green buildings collect rainwater to use as a cooling system. But rainwater can be collected and cleaned and used as drinking water. In some buildings, not only is rainwater collected but so is sewage. This sewage is collected and treated and added to the source of drinking water for the building to use!

3. Building with Garbage

This green trend has started to span the globe, providing the world with really ingenious and inexpensive architecture, all while trying to conquer the issue of the rising amount of garbage humans continue to create. Some build buildings strictly out of waste materials, like beer bottles or tires. Others take large amounts of plastics and other waste products, break them down, and create their building materials. A lot of these buildings are used for lower-income housing or providing builds to communities who had no other way of building or creating them!

Architecture isn't just beautiful lines and tall buildings. It's expanding into something that can give back to our planet and to each one of us. Keep your eyes open around you and see if you can see forms of Green Buildings and Sustainable Architecture.

Tim Hilkhuijsen