What It Takes To Build A Forever Home


Although we here at Architecture Plus enjoy building businesses for the Lowcountry, we want to take a moment to discuss a building that is closer to the heart, the home.

The American dream is inclusive of a picket fence, lovely family, great job, and the perfect home. To each individual, these aspects are unique and specific to their imagination, characteristics, and budget.

How long does it take to build a home? In order to answer that question, one must consider many variables. One is the type of construction. If the home is a part of a production, the average construction time is four to six months. For personalized homes, this number is more than doubled at roughly ten to sixteen months. 

Where do you want the home to be located? Region type should also be taken into consideration when discussing construction time. These times range from six to nine and a half months. 

The above information leads to the question of how much does it cost? If the home is personalized and not part of a production, the price tends to be higher. All in all, the materials, and time spent building create the basis for how expensive the home will be to build.

A house is a home, and with that comes the notion of what a home is worth to the individual. A place filled with wonderful memories, fun times, and family bonds. Any home, big or small, is a place to make memories.

Tim Hilkhuijsen