A Look Into South Carolina Architecture


The amount of sophistication southern architecture has is a result of refining over time. Specifically, in South Carolina, the architecture we know and experience today has been molded through history and cultural developments.

When Charleston was discovered, French and English influences remained heavy and gave way to the base by which the twentieth-century architecture we know today was built.

Throughout wars and cultural advancements, the cities and towns of our beloved state have changed to fit new eyes for design. New, modern, looks are desired within the interior of buildings and homes, while the external factors range from traditional to modern.

Rules for building in historical districts maintain the classic look and feel in order to reflect a respectful nod of appreciation for where our history began. Buildings and homes within the area have been standing since the 18th and 19th centuries. Renovations on these homes are taken very seriously and are done with care!

Our team at Architecture Plus love and understand the history behind buildings and cities as well as the look and appeal of modern designs! If you are seeking a company to suitably reflect your design, we are the architects for you!

Tim Hilkhuijsen