Renovations and Expectations


Are you in need of an architect? Do you know the duties an architect performs for their clients? If you answered 'yes' to the first question, and then 'no' to the second, continue reading this blog to learn more about what an architect performs for you when renovating your space.

Although there are architects that do not perform all of the following duties, we at Architecture Plus, LLC make it our goal to achieve expectations set for us by the client. During the beginning stages of renovation, our team will sit down with you and go over the expectations and desires you have for us.

Draft Time

When it comes to renovation, and most jobs of an architect, the first job we do is draft plans for the new renovation. Our team will assist our clients in discussing possible ideas and ways to reach those goals in a realistic fashion. Once the ideas have been settled the plans will be drawn and then become the guide for permits.

Keeping it Interesting

We love making renovations a fun and interactive process for our clients. There are so many small, yet nifty additions we can add into the plans of your renovated space. Do you want a skylight to brighten up your bedroom? Do you want an indiscrete storage area to keep your space clutter free? There and more are possible when discussing elements with your architect. 

Fun Fixtures and Finishes

While the plans are the bones of the project, architects will also discuss elements of the project that make the new space refreshing, such as paint, flooring, and more. Discussing these items with your architect will keep all eyes seeing the same end result, especially if you are not working with an interior designer. 

Budget Buddies

We understand you have a budget, and we want to make sure you do not go over that amount. While we cannot guarantee for each client the work won't go over due to unforeseen circumstances like having to move gas pipes, electrical equipment, and other aspects within the walls of your renovation site. We will work with you and your budget to achieve the best renovation.

Our team here at Architecture Plus, LLC want to meet the expectations you have for us regarding your renovation project. If you have been wanting to update your space, but have yet to get around to it, contact us today and get the project rolling!

Tim Hilkhuijsen